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Wise Words

Wise Words written by Danny McAllister

Wise Words is a collection of my quotes and thoughts about the values and the lessons that have helped me navigate this journey we call life.  In a world full of uncertainty and pressure to perform we’re always looking for a constant. Wise Words is the antidote and through reading this book you’ll become aware that, it’s OK to be OK.  Wise Words is designed to help you realign with your values whenever you’re… 

  • Stuck in a moment and wish for a change.
  • Overwhelmed and want some control.
  • Lacking belief and need to build self-confidence.
  • Feeling alone and desire connection.
  • Confused and need to refocus on what’s important.

Life can be a tough gig with lots of challenges and the choices you make will determine the outcome.  You can sit and hope for life to get better, or you can make the decision to do something and start changing it right now.  The choice is yours!

Tread your path wisely!