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Frustration Point book

You’ve become frustrated, hurt, sad, ashamed, disappointed or angry enough to decide you want to change. Now you need the steps to make it happen. Welcome to Frustration Point! This book teaches you to embrace that initial frustration and use it to motivate you through the hard work ahead. And it is hard work. But it doesn’t have to be an arduous, continual slog. We can make it easier by asking ourselves some important questions. We need to discover our own version of success; otherwise we’ll never have a clue what we’re aiming for.
We need to set realistic goals and strive towards achieving them. We need to celebrate each achievement, big or small, and use these to maintain our motivation and enthusiasm during challenging times so we don’t give up. With six chapters written in an accessible style, Frustration Point! addresses issues such as, change, control, behaviour, success, learning and choice. By working through this book, you’ll ‘learn to unlearn’ some of your old ways and steer clear of ‘Energy Vampires’. You’ll start to ’embrace the frustration’ and find yourself cruising down ‘Purpose Street’ on the way to ‘Happy Highway’.
The end of each chapter contains summary points and focus questions. The personal development industry is a billion dollar industry. Just go online or to any book store and you’ll find a plethora of products. These resources are great, but have no value if you read them but are too afraid to act. Frustration Point! speaks a language that people understand; where the message of how to create better isn’t so daunting. Designing the life you deserve is actually do-able when approached with the right mindset. It’s about taking small steps, not a giant leap to create your version of an amazing life. Creating a better you is within reach. All you need is a do-able plan, a curious attitude and a bit of discipline. Your goals have to resonate with you, therefore make them personal.