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McAllister’s Fitness is a mobile and online service.


Welcome to McAllister’s Fitness


McAllister’s Fitness a place where you are treated like a part of the family.

McAllister’s Fitness is an appointment only mobile and online Personal training service.

McAllister’s values are being



McAllister’s Fitness understands that we all have busy lives, with work, family and life in general. Getting time for yourself isn’t always easy. But taking that time for yourself is important.

McAllister’s Fitness aims to help you create a self-belief to achieve amazing results. Our friendly atmosphere helps make the process of change a motivational and pleasurable one.


Our services include

Specialised Personal Training

Training for sporting events, Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke and other Neurological conditions etc.

Personal Training

Personal training is quite simply the safest and quickest means of achieving the fitness results.

McAllister’s is for everyone!

I believe that health and fitness is not just about looks, weight and body image. It’s about being healthy regardless of who you are and what your condition is. Whether you are completely new to fitness or you’re looking to take yourself to the next level, there’s a plan that will work for you!

I’m dedicated to helping you attain extraordinary results.

But don’t just listen to us here’s what people are saying!

“McAllister’s Fitness has a great atmosphere, all the trainers make you feel welcome and are not pretentious. The training is always different and I love the outdoor sessions they are great fun.”

– Kate

“Eighteen months ago I was overweight, had Multiple Sclerosis and could only walk a 100 metres before I became short of breath. I always thought gyms were for the young and lovely so was reluctant to attempt any exercise regime. Then my husband talked me into starting at McAllister’s Fitness, I was frightened but soon realised that Danny has a real concern for the person who struggles and encouraged me every step of the way.I am now feeling so much better than I ever dreamt of, I reached my goal of losing 10kg by Christmas 2006 and have new energy and vision for the future.
This is certainly just the beginning.”
– Bev 

“Training at McAllister’s Fitness has given me the confidence to exercise without injury. I struggled with consistency in my training due to injury caused by a lack of understanding and poor exercise programming. Each session is tailored to suit my needs and ability. I am pushed just the right amount each session and as I get stronger, they keep me challenged, they explain everything I am doing and why.We also discuss my diet and what I should eat more/less of, so I am gaining knowledge all the time. The greatest value is they listen to me and respond appropriately. McAllister’s Fitness has normal people, in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere who motivate me to keep going.”

– Peter

“I am now approaching 8 months of personal training with McAllister’s Fitness. During this time I have achieved the following;

Loss of 8.5 kilos to date (dropped 2 dress sizes)

Very noticeable change in body shape, for the better

Loads more energy – I now have a level of fitness!

From a casual walker to someone who now enjoys a good jog (2 km) or two during the week. Aiming to make this more frequent.

Comfortably changed eating habits for the better. Not only for me but my husband & kids too

Still motivated and committed to improving my shape and fitness levels.

McAllister’s – Great People, Great Place –THANKS”
– Barb