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At McAllister’s Fitness personal training East Burwood , we believe there is a major gap between the “Fitness” world and the “Real” world. Generally, the Weight industry is all about fitness people and in our many years of operation if there’s one thing we have learnt and understood, is that most people find Gyms intimidating and although they join, their membership will not be used and will eventually lapse.

This is wasting your time and money!

We pride ourselves on delivering the best service and advice to help create healthy lifestyles. By treating everyone as the most important person we know; we do this by listening, understanding and caring about what you want.
Our goal at McAllister’s Fitness, we create an environment that is about you. Our focus is on you and what you want to achieve. The approach is simple: We are someone who is honest, supportive and more importantly real.

Our mission is to “Bridge the gap” between the fitness world and the real world to help reduce obesity.

Here are a few training hints to get you started

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