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Why – We do what we do

We believe that health and fitness is not about looks, weight and body image.  It’s about being healthy regardless of who you are and what your condition is.


How – We do what we do

We simplify and make health consistent and do-able. We listen, understand and treat you as we would like to be treated.

And that is with value and respect.


What – Do we do

We offer training and health programs that are personalised and designed for the individual. We create an environment where people can be themselves no matter what fitness level, age, ability or disability.


How and why McAllister’s Fitness got started.

I started my Health and Fitness career over 20 years ago because I wanted to make a difference to people’s lives. It was when working in gyms I saw a huge sector of the population being neglected because they didn’t fit the norm of what fitness was back then. I wanted to change this stereotype/perception of gyms and health and fitness. So I created a place where people could be themselves no matter what fitness level, age, ability or disability. To help close the gap between the Fitness world and the real world to create healthier people. To do this I understood that there were several things that I needed to be and they are:

  • To be genuine
  • To be respected and a leader in my area
  • To treat people with respect

Now 20 years later I have built a place where everyone is treated the same. On a day to day basis, we work with a range of people from those who may want to be better at sport or someone who just wants to trim up and feel better about themselves. What I really love is working with someone who has a disability like MS or has had a stroke and needs that help that we can give them to make life an easier and more fulfilling place.

That need I had when I first started “to make a difference in people’s lives” has grown larger and has taken me to places that I never knew I could go. I’ve visited the Dr. Edward Taub clinic/Rehab centre in Birmingham Alabama twice. They introduced me to the Constrained Induced Therapy (CIT) techniques specifically for MS, stroke and TBI’s. I have written a book called “Frustration Point”, that talks about everyday people and how they can make little changes to have a better life.

But that’s not the best thing that this life has given me. What I love most is to see that young Autistic boy I train grow in confidence, or the MS group have fun and feel better about themselves. Not forgetting that guy in the wheelchair that comes in every Friday afternoon to do weights and movement that he never thought he could do. Now that’s what I call making a difference!

Why McAllister’s?

  • There are no memberships, contracts, hidden costs or hard selling.
  • We make the process of change pleasurable, satisfying and do-able.
  • Our priority is to teach people how to be their best.
  • We are passionate about seeing changes in our clients and we give the support needed to obtain a healthy lifestyle without turning your life upside down.
  • We are not a commando-style training outfit who scare people into shape, we work with you and your personality to get the results you desire.
  • Whether it’s to get a little healthier or fit into that special item of clothing we tailor the program to your needs.
  • All our trainers are qualified.
  • We have trainers who have experience in different aspects of health and fitness.
  • Our fully equipped private training facility never gets over crowded.
  • We support you every step of the way by understanding how you think, provide you with the solution to your problem and give the encouragement to succeed.